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 Chef Rashaad Hails from the streets of ATL. Growing up in Atlanta watching my grandmother's hands work the butter in the dough as she forms biscuits from scratch is the beginning of my Epicurean Journey. As I watched her Tired, Strong, Weary hands work their way into the dough transferring her magic into what would soon be my breakfast, the fluffy clouds of dough that would become the foundation of love I would come to know as Food. 
        This is when I first saw real magic, not that David Copperfield but REAL life m, as her hands went into the flour as she lifted on the ball of her feet to press into the dough, turn it, press it, all the time transferring her energy into the substance that would give me life and love energy, in the form of a biscuit. Now, this is real magic, from this, I was shaped and sculpted. From this, I, learned my passion in life. To give love through food. From that point on when I roll lemon, whether it's for lemonade or a marinade, the Intent is still the same, “ Give Love through Food.” From their MY Journey Began, I went from a Student to a Graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta to a Chef at Disney world where I encompassed a wealth of Culinary knowledge to share with the world. I soon put my Practice into Production where I Created My Own Cuisine and Style of Culinary Arts, a Blend of Science and magic, that I will present to the world. With over 20 years of amassed Culinary experience, I am here to share my creations and experience with the world  

Chef Rashaad aims to bring you the most unique culinary experience. With a variety of services,  choose between Elegant Dinner Parties or Fun Cooking Parties. When the Chef arrives he will bring everything to provide you with the Culinary Experience of a lifetime.

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